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A voice from the tuning industry once said, "Your images have class and are not so cheap and clumsy" .. With this premise, the team of the RIEGER calendar starts the planning for the 2013 issue. Photographer Alexander Sperr described it this way, "... cheap pornography has nothing to do with the tuning industry. We show real women in real situations. Reality and fictional stories are going hand in hand."

And so were making twelve road and racetracks qualified RIEGER show cars their way to the Western Town Pullman City in Eging am See. There told Photographer Alexander Sperr, his team and the legendary actors from Pullman City, a story about the Wild Wild West combined with the reinless horses of modern times. What happened there could not be told by words. But see for yourself in the new RIEGER calendar 2013, available on 5th november 2012 at the webshop.