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Care instructions
Instructions for cleaning RIEGER spoiler parts in the version ABS/glossy-black:

Parts with PMMA surface ( = ABS/glossy-black or ABS-plastic/matt-black (finish) ) are cleaned expediently with warm water (up to 70°C) in case of normal soiling. Practically all known household cleaners can be used, e.g. Ajax, Ariel, Dato, Fairy, Henko, Lux , Persil, Meister Proper, Rei, etc. Application concentration according to the detergent manufacturers instructions must be observed.

The use of cleaning agents containing alcohol should be avoided if possible. Ethanol (alcohol) in a higher concentration (> 20#%) can very quickly lead to stress cracks. Spirit is pure but denatured alcohol. Alcohol is contained in all alcoholic beverages, in alcoholic medicinal extracts, facial tonics, aftershave lotions, hair lotions, perfumes and the like. Furthermore, cleaning agents containing abrasive ingredients, such as ATA, VIM, etc., must not be used.

Of the chemicals commonly used in the household, the following should not come into contact with the PMMA: Stain remover, iodine tincture, nail polish, nail polish remover, acetone and methylated spirits.

Exposure to oxidizing agents used for disinfection, such as acetone and methylated spirits, should also be avoided. Disinfection, such as ozone or similar. Sagrotan pure or similar disinfectants can also cause considerable damage to the material. Lime deposits can be removed with diluted acids, e.g. acetic acid.

Special cleaning agents must be checked in each individual case.