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RIEGER Calendar 2016

light show from a special kind

After the perilous conditions at last year's production of RIEGER calendar, sat Photographer Alexander Sperr for the issue 2016 on a slightly more understated setting - but not less spectacular. However, in order to save his photo studio in case of a flood, he moved further the production on the premises of RIEGER and produced until late at night. Thanks to the support of the local fire department, he and his production team were able to create an artificial rain, which produced, in combination with individually set flash lights, some reflections and highlights around the models Corinna, Kylie, Maria and Tatiana. The mixture of asphalt and darkness builds the top of these light show and so it came to a completely new stlye of the RIEGER calendar, which collectors should not miss.

But the models themselves are not in the main focus, as always the team of the calendar tried to create a szene on eye level between Sportscars and female actors. Numerous RIEGER highlights of various vehicle brands were taken into account. Classic for RIEGER of course cars like VW Golf GTI 7, VW Scirocco, Audi A3 8V, BMW 1 Series Coupé are not be missing. As well as the tuners of the brands Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Seat and Skoda will not be disappointed with the RIEGER calendar 2016.

The calendar is available from 20/11/15 only at RIEGER and could be pre-ordered now in the RIEGER online store.