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         Walther und Stefan Gerlich
         Andreas Janich
         (CEO Janich – Pictures)
         Robert Janich (Drohne)
         Mirko Panek
         Jürgen Lachner

         Veronika Klimovits, Miss Tuning 2014
         Jennifer Rottmeier, Miss Bikini 2015
         Kerstin Sturm, Miss Tuning Platz 3 2017
         Franziska Reisinger
         Chiara Pickelmann, Miss Bikini Niederbayern 2017
         Bianca Wieland
         Sina Bauer
         Sina Bachor

         Summer, sun, sandy beach, beautiful girls in bikinis and horny
         cars - man heart, what more do you want?

         As in the previous year the location for the calendar shoot 2018-2019 is the
         beach bath elypso served in the idyllic Bavarian Deggendorf on the Danube.

         Unfortunately, in September 2017, Petrus did not mean the weather as well as
         the year before: the scheduled shooting week at the end of the outdoor pool
         season practically fell into the water except for one day. As that is already a
         week earlier in the weather forecast so outlined, we had to new
         plan: The shooting days were - as far as possible - for a week
         advanced. However, the time window was severely limited because punctually
         at 9:00 am, the leisure pool elypso opened its doors on these days. Hard to
         believe, but there were already the first water rats at checkout in line. That
         meant for us: Shootingtime from sunrise until 9.00 o‘clock. Because if the
         bathers. Of course we had to vacate the outdoor pool area immediately. Since
         it always meant to get up early, by sunrise we were already on the set.      WE WANT

         Our special thanks go to the caretaker of elypso, who always opened the gates
         for us very early.                                             YOU AND
         Even at dawn, the cars were quickly washed and placed on the edge of the pool.   YOUR SPORTSCAR
         The models were allowed in the meantime in the warm up the warming room of
         the indoor pool and give your make-up a „fine touch“. As soon as the daily,
         autumnal morning mist had finally cleared, we could start the shoot. The only   APPLY NOW AS A MODEL
         advantage for the models was that none of them had to really sweat at the 2017                OR WITH YOUR CAR
         photo shoot. Of course this also applied to the winter shoot at the ski lift at the
         corner in the Bavarian Forest.
         Not every planned model, not every customer with a planned one tuned show-
         car and not every photographer could weather follow date change. Some top
         models had a very close Schedule. So some shooting days had to be added on
         the weekends until mid-October. The water temperature in the unheated
         outdoor pool, however, continued to sink.

         The effort for a calendar project with 24 monthly pages is natural much larger
         than  if  you  had  only  12  calendar  pages  to  prepare.  But  the  final  result  is
         impressive! Some numbers for information: We have 5,000 pieces from the
         RIEGER TUNING Panorama Calendar 2018-2019 from the desk-mounted    YOUR SPORTSCAR       BECOME A
         calendar for the first print run 25,500 copies and for the second print run even
         29,500 copies.                                     IN THE RIEGER CALENDAR             RIEGER MODEL
                                                          You have a sports car with a RIEGER body kit and   You enjoy being photographed and would
         A big thank you also goes to the many models and customers who applied for   would like to see it in the RIEGER calendar?  like to be a part ofRIEGER calendar?
         the shoot and sometimes took very long journey times. Without you would be
         the RIEGER CALENDAR 2018-2019 not in its top execution possible!  Then apply now for the RIEGER calendar and just   Then apply now for the
                                                          send us some informative pictures and your contact   RIEGER calendar and just send us a few
                                                              information:  meaningful pictures and your contact

                                Hotline +49 (0) 87 21 / 96 19-0                                               013
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