Kamei eye brows
ex BJ: 2001 Z 071 816 A

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Passat (3BG) | sedan, wagon

63,50 EUR

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Kamei eye brows ex BJ: 2001 Z 071 816 A
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ABS plastic,
incl. §-Certificate, mounting equipment
ABS plastic
VW Passat (3BG) | sedan, wagon

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Article in the execution PUR, fibre-glass, ABS-plastic or ABS-plastic/carbon-look are delivered unpainted. Lacquering of these parts is necessary prior to final assembly.
Articles in execution ABS-plastic/glossy-black have a surface finish and no long

Passat (3BG) | sedan, wagon

ABS plastic,
incl. §-Certificate, mounting equipment

Delivery Time: 2-5 Business Days

Delivery option : DHL Paket
  • You can receive the 15###% bodykit discount for ordering a whole bodykit just for the same car. (consisting of a lip spoiler / bumper, side skirts and a rear skirt extension / insert / bumper) The discount is just possible for original rieger spoiler parts made of ABS plastic. It applies only if the parts are all for the same type/car.
  • To receive the discount please mention this notice - 15###% BODYKITRABATT - at your order.
  • The discount is not possible to combine with any other discounts.
  • The discount does not apply to "paint jobs" (coloring).

Manufacturer Model Typ Carriage Year of manufacture Power KW(HP) Cylinder capacity HSN TSN
VW Passat (3BG) Lim.
VW Passat (3BG) Variant